You’ll find information regarding our traditional installation products. For FAQs related to our peel-and-stick products, visit our peel-and-stick FAQs page

First and foremost, we have gone to great lengths to inform our customers about our Montana Ghost Wood products through the dissemination of information on our website and marketing materials, our primary objective is to provide our customers with unique, high-quality, competitively-priced alternative reclaimed wood products.

2. We are a small, family-owned and managed business.

3. We are primarily wholesalers and focus our sales efforts (including our pricing and policies) on developing long-term relationships with manufacturing, construction, service and distribution partners. Our focus on partners is largely driven by our recognition that partners can bring salespeople and expertise (see item 4) to the table that we are not in a position to provide. Note that Montana Ghost Wood does not “endorse” or “certify” specific partners; it is up to you to determine which Montana Ghost Wood partners are best suited to service your unique wood product needs.

4. We are NOT experts in the installation or use of Montana Ghost Wood products. We are not (and do not try to be) architects, engineers, interior/exterior designers, builders, installers or other construction industry professionals. We strongly recommend that each project incorporating Montana Ghost Wood products enlist capable construction professionals who are fully aware of natural wood product characteristics so that they can carefully consider the implications thereof for the specific location and application methods in which Montana Ghost Wood products are to be used.

5. We are straight shooters and would rather lose a sale than to plant the seeds of an unhappy customer. We emphasize that the same characteristics which make our products unique often have practical installation and use implications which should be carefully considered. We believe in telling you what we know (or at least think we know) about the important physical characteristics of our products (through our web site, printed material, proposal terms, etc.), while acknowledging that there is much that we do not know. We are up-front about our policies and terms of sale. We do our best to “tell it like it is” and then let you decide where and how to properly use and install our products.

6. We sell our Montana Ghost Wood products “AS IS”, with no warranties expressed or implied. Simply put, because our product is sold as an alternative to true reclaimed woods, and we have no control of the product installation other than our installation recommendations available on our website, it is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser/user to determine which Montana Ghost Wood products are best suited for their applications and how these wood products should be used and properly installed.

Montana Ghost Wood is available in four distinctively original, unique colors: 1. Silver City 2. Bannack Brown 3. Ruby River 4. Blackfoot

Montana Ghost Wood is available in two distinctively original, unique textures:

1. Weathered (resembles the old, naturally weathered raised grain appearance)
2. Circle Sawn Weathered (circle sawn markings combined with the old, naturally weathered raised grain appearance)

Montana Ghost Wood is available in 1×4 through 2×12 material with any profile pattern.

Timbers up to 15”x 15” and 24’ in length available in any of the colors and textures.

We offer quart, gallon, and 5 gallon Montana Ghost Wood touchup for cut ends and touch up.

Montana Ghost Wood is manufactured and intended as an affordable alternative to reclaimed woods, to naturally continue to age and weather, maintain as you would any reclaimed wood project.

An initial and/or continued periodic application of a tinted or clear top coat containing UV inhibitors may be applied to Montana Ghost Wood if your goal is to minimize color change. We do not and will not recommend a specific product for this application as Montana Ghost Wood is intended as a alternative to reclaimed wood.

Each new piece of Montana Ghost Wood is a different color ranging from darker tones to lighter tones. Please refer to our products gallery and look at the photos to see the color variation.

Little to no maintenance: Our proprietary multi-step process uses an eco-friendly finish that will continue to weather, and age more over time when exposed to UV light, moisture, and inclement weather.

Little to no defects: We cull defective boards at each step through the process. In comparison, 30-70% of reclaimed wood ends up being unusable due to rot, splits, and defects.

Exact specs: We can cut to exact sizes required, resulting in very little waste of product when installed.

Half the price: Our Montana Ghost Wood products resemble the look of reclaimed wood at a cost of approximately half the price.

Reclaimed From Mother Nature™: A large majority of our timber comes from standing dead beetle kill or forest fire killed timber.

Recycle Waste: All shavings, chips, and sawdust are bagged and recycled into bedding or compost for local farms and ranches.

Ghost Town Preservation: A percentage of our profits are donated to Montana Ghost Town Preservation Society.

Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited: A portion of our profits are donated to restore the Blackfoot River watershed and its fishery in partnership. Their restoration projects range from stream restoration, grazing management, riparian re-vegetation, fish screen and instream flow projects.

Montana Ghost Wood is a new wood product which mimics the appearance, character, and therefore the appeal of reclaimed wood. By it’s very nature, Montana Ghost Wood will go through some changes during the seasoning process which could include, but is not limited to, some minor shrinking, splitting, warping, cupping, pitch bleed, and/or color change.

Montana Ghost Wood varies in color shades and tones much the same as reclaimed wood, and is intended as a alternative to reclaimed woods. Bannack Brown will vary from dark brown to tan; Silver City will vary from silver grey to grey brown. The degree to which Ghost Wood will maintain or change color depends on location placement and exposure to weather elements. Color change can be minimized by periodic application of a top coat. Left alone, as intended, Montana Ghost Wood will continue to age and weather, the degree to which, again depending on location. Some colors will darken, others will lighten as time goes on.

Properly acclimated and installed, Montana Ghost Wood can be expected to perform as well as or better than comparable reclaimed wood products. Montana Ghost Wood requires little or no maintenance depending on the above mentioned factors and your long term goal for the appearance of the product.

Montana Ghost Wood is sold “AS IS” with no warranties expressed or implied, just like reclaimed woods. It is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser to determine which Montana Ghost Wood products are best suited for the specific applications and how these products should be used and installed.