How To Measure

First, find the length and height of your space in inches. 

Multiple the two numbers together. 

Divide the sum by 144. 

This is the total square footage of material you will need to cover the space. 

How To Cut

You can cut Montana Ghost Wood with any saw of your choice. You need to pay special attention to the blade you are using. We recommend a fine-tooth blade or a finishing blade.

How To Install

Make sure you clean the wall and remove any dust or debris. 

DO NOT APPLY TO BARE DRYWALL. Start by painting or priming your wall. 

Make sure baseboards are level.

Measure and mark increments of 5″, marking with a chalk line to ensure you’re staying level. 

Peel and stick the product starting at the baseboard in a straight line. 

Use a J-Roller to apply pressure to each board.

See It In Action

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