Montana Ghost Wood is the original, revolutionary new, green product that uses primarily PPLP dead standing timber from beetle kill and wildfires to produce a truly unique alternative for reclaimed wood projects. With a proprietary multi-step process, this new certified, kiln dried wood has the natural appeal, character and appearance of true reclaimed wood and is intended as a great alternative, and affordable economical choice. Montana Ghost Wood provides the look, feel and rustic elegance without the hassle and trimming of conventional reclaimed wood.

Montana Ghost Wood peel and stick products are real wood! We recommend a 48-72 hour period for your wood to acclimate to the climate before installing.

Montana Ghost Wood peel and stick products will stick to almost any interior surface, if that surface is clean and flat. They are a semi-permanent product and will damage drywall and require minor repairs. If you are applying to new dry wall, make sure your wall has a coat of primer before installation.

If you want to use Montana Ghost Wood temporarily, we recommend nailing/screwing the
product with stud penetration.

Our adhesive tape is rated for 10 years. So, enjoy your product until youdecide to make a change

Make sure the area you are applying the product is completely dry. (If needed let dry 48-72 hours). We recommend sealing the product to prevent water exposure.

You can cut Montana Ghost Wood with any saw of your choice. You need to pay special attention to the blade you are using. We recommend a fine-tooth blade or a finishing blade.

  1. Find the length and height of the space in inches
  2. Multiply the two numbers
  3. Divide the sum by 144

There is very little up keep involved with Montana Ghost Wood. Use a vacuum periodically to clean dust and debris.

Montana Ghost Wood is manufactured and intended as an affordable alternative to reclaimed woods, to naturally continue to age and weather, maintain as you would any reclaimed wood project.

An initial and/or continued periodic application of a tinted or clear top coat containing UV inhibitors may be applied to Montana Ghost Wood if your goal is to minimize color change. We do not and will not recommend a specific product for this application as Montana Ghost Wood is intended as a alternative to reclaimed wood.

Each new piece of Montana Ghost Wood is a different color ranging from darker tones to lighter tones. Please refer to our products gallery and look at the photos to see the color variation.