J&R Planing was founded in 1976. Its inception came about due to a strong demand from creative independent lumber companies. These firms were made up of resourceful individuals looking for a trustworthy remanufacturing plant to mill their products. There were other plants in the surrounding areas through the years that came and went. However, J&R Planing remained steadfast and continued its strong pattern growth.

Management continues to recognize other opportunities, thus in 1990 a second plant was added. It was named Montana West. This facility was created to handle a growing demand for custom packaging of unique lumber species, as well as the pre-priming and staining of all wood products. Furthermore, this mill had the unique capability of applying oil based primers.

In 1993, yet another business would be added to the already growing success story of the J&R family. This facility would be known as Western Montana Millwork. This plant was primarily set up to handle a proprietary trim product which was developed and perfected at this plant. It was called Alltrim and was a very unique wood trim product predominantly used on historic renovation of homes on the east coast.

It was in the mid 1990’s that management recognized a real need for its own sales department, therefore ensuring a foreseeable future for their plants. Throughout its history, the ownership had collaborated on many of the ideas that had been created and carried out at all three plants. Thus, in 1997, Bitterroot Valley Forest Products was created as the sales arm for J&R Planing, Western Montana Millwork, and Montana West.

Throughout the next decade, the four companies along with the entire lumber industry would experience tremendous change. In 2004 Western Montana Millwork would move all its operations to J&R Planing and Montana West. In 2006 Bitterroot Valley Forest Products hired a very talented group of sales people who, along with the original group, would now be responsible for the sales of Montana West and J&R Planing. These individuals brought with them extraordinary creativity and an established customer base synonymous with both plants’ capabilities.

Currently, due to logistics, Montana West and J&R Planing have merged as J&R Planing and share the same structure. Management has grown to discern the exceptional product development capability and sales talent currently at it’s disposal.