Reclaimed From Mother Nature

Remanufactured, Reclaimed
Wood Products

Innovative products that exceed your needs and preserve our historic places.


Reclaimed from Mother Nature

Montana Ghostwood is an innovative alternative reclaimed wood product that preserves historic monuments while providing for the growing demand for reclaimed wood and barn wood. We utilize dead standing timber, preserve our Ghost Towns, improve watersheds, and restore our native streams and rivers. Any by-products are bagged and recycled into animal bedding, making our process sustainable from start to finish.


Our reclaimed wood products are different.

Using a proprietary multi-step approach, we’ve created a new wood product that resembles reclaimed wood at half the price

We cut to exact specs, resulting in very little waste during product installation. In comparison, 30-70% of reclaimed wood ends up being unusable due to rot, spits, and defects. 

We offer colors and textures adapted from the rustic wood barns, siding, and flooring found in historic, scenic Montana.

Reclaimed from
mother nature

Montana Ghostwood provided siding for two projects, an old post-barn that needed refinishing and a new structure for the main house. The homeowners were very happy with their Silver City wood siding!
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